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Davis Triton ™ Scrubbing Inside Outside Birdwasher Brochure
Do you have a current Davis IOBW, you can upgrade to our latest
model for half the price of a new one. Brochure
Davis Tornado™ Outside Scrubber Brochure
Davis Pre-Scalder Tornado™ Outside Scrubber Contact Us for Details
Davis Online Neck Skinner Brochure
Davis Hurricane™Rework Station Brochure
Davis Wing Machine Brochure
Davis HiSpeed™ Quill Puller Brochure
Davis HiSpeed ™Oilsac Cutter 200BPMBrochure
Wing Machine Parts Brochure
Davis Shackles Brochure
Stainless Picker Shafts
Complete Picking Hub Assemblies Stork, Johnson Meyn, and Cantrell
Bearings - We have many metric sizes of bearings
Check back as we are updating what we offer
Davis Turkey Tornado™ Outside Scrubber Brochure
Davis Turkey Hurricane™ XT IOBW Brochure
Davis Storm™ Turkey IOBW Brochure
NEW-Davis Turkey Neck Breaker
We have the capability to cut material up to 80 inches wide and 160 inches long.
Our engineering department can assist in turning your sketch into reality.
We can cut granite, stainless, steel, aluminum, plastics, just to name a few of
the many materials we can cut.

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